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Webcast:  How to Thrive in the Age of Creative Destruction – Big Data, AI, BlockchainWebcast: How to Thrive in the Age of Creative Destruction – Big Data, AI, Blockchain

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Leon Katsnelson is a serial intrapreneur and pushes the frontier of technology.  As the director and CTO of IBM Strategic Partnerships, he leads a team focused on AI, Machine Learning, Big Data, and other applications of Cognitive technologies.  Katsnelson will share the value created by AI, and how it is accessible to organizations of all firms to create their own disruption. AI is at work in the accounting profession today, what is your plan for employing it for the future?

Credits: 1
Estimated Length: 1 hour(s)
Valid for: 12 Month(s)


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Web Meeting1. How to Thrive in the Age of Creative Destruction – Big Data, AI, Blockchain View Schedule


  • Identify ways to embrace the “creative” side of creative destruction
  • Describe machine learning and AI
  • Discover ways that AI is reshaping human life and business
  • Recognize how machine learning and AI differs from current computing and programming
  • Describe the value of Blockchain technology to the accounting profession
  • Describe how cognitive learning is being applied to auditing and tax
  • AI and the future
  • Efficiency versus innovation
  • Creative destruction -a fact of life
  • Embracing external trends
  • Adjacent markets and strategy
  • Blockchain technology and the accounting profession
  • Cognitive learning and audits
  • Watson and tax preparation
  • The human value to machine learning
  • Information Technology (1 credit)
  • All professionals interested in artificial intelligence, technology and its recent advances, and how it’s reshaping all professions and the future.
  • Overview
  • Leon Katsnelson
  • None
  • Online Webcast 


Leon's Biography:   

Leon Katsnelson is Director and CTO, Analytic Platform Emerging Technologies at IBM.

He is a serial Intrapreneur with a number of very successful projects to his credit. His responsibility is to push frontiers of technology to create next generation products in the area of Big Data, Data Analytics and Data Science. A technologist at heart, Leon focuses on value creation using technology rather than technology itself. He is a relentless pursuer of product and market fit and values these above all else. As a Definite Optimist (concept by Peter Thiel), Leon believes in envisioning the future, and, since vision without a plan is a hallucination, he likes to map out a path to achieving the goal. He is motivated by grand visions, hugely ambitious goals and barely possible challenges. The bigger the challenge the stronger the drive.

Leon prefers small purpose-driven teams and believes that building the right team is even more important than building the right product. He is honored to have assembled and lead what he considers to be the best team in the industry. Young, smart and united by a common purpose, Leon and his team have demonstrated their ability to overcome the toughest obstacles and go toe-to-toe with the best venture funded startups.

Leon also advises a number of promising startups which he enjoys as it helps him apply his experience towards helping the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Specialties: Database systems, Big Data, Data Science and Cloud Computing.

CTO Leon Katsnelson
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