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Webcast:  Listening For Leaders: Ask the Question, Discover the Need, Win the TrustWebcast: Listening For Leaders: Ask the Question, Discover the Need, Win the Trust

$110.00 (USD)

There is no more powerful skill in building enduring and profitable relationships — with clients, members of your firm and others in your life — than listening. Yet listening is incredibly difficult, even if you are trying hard. This course teaches tips and tricks for mastering this most difficult and rewarding skill.

Credits: 4
Estimated Length: 4 hour(s)
Valid for: 12 Month(s)


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Web Meeting1. Listening For Leaders: Ask the Question, Discover the Need, Win the Trust View Schedule


Upon completionof this webcast, participants will be able to:
  • Help participants understand why it is so difficult to listen and outline skills to enhance professional and personal relationships by increasing listening performance
  • Become a more effective leader, team member and opportunity developer
  • Learn how to probe for a client's or colleague's real needs so you can add value more effectively and build stronger relationships
  • Develop skills in resolving objections and overcoming resistance
  • Why is it so hard to listen
  • What should you be listening for
  • Asking the right question the right way
  • Dos and Don'ts for effective listening
  • Using listening skills to build business and professional relationships
  • Resolving objections and overcoming resistance
  • Personal Development (4 Credits)
  • Anyone who has the need to build relationships, especially anyone in a firm with a leadership role, works in a sales or marketing position, or spends a significant amount of time with clients
  • Greg Conderacci
  • None
  • Basic
  • Online Webcast


Greg's Biography: 

For more than four decades, Greg Conderacci has been using the magic of communication to help people lead happier, more productive and more rewarding lives.

He is the author of Getting UP! Supercharging Your Personal Energy, which shares his high-energy secrets to accomplish more in less time, reduce stress and achieve work-life balance.

A Senior Fellow with the Business Learning Institute, his training focuses on key success skills like time/personal energy management, ethics, leadership, business development, and effective speaking and writing. He also teaches marketing at the Bloomberg School of Public Health at Johns Hopkins University.

As an ultra-long-distance bicycle rider, he has ridden coast-to-coast in 18 days, averaging 150 miles a day. He qualified for Race Across America (the equivalent of qualifying for the Boston Marathon for runners) by riding 500 miles in under 40 hours. He has twice completed the 750-mile Paris-Brest-Paris Randonnee (one of the world’s oldest cycling events).

His firm, Good Ground Consulting LLC, helps professional and financial services companies answer clients’ key questions like: “Why should I trust you?”, “Why should I do business with you?” and “How are you any different from the rest?”.

Greg was Chief Marketing Officer for Alex. Brown (America’s Oldest Investment Bank) responsible for marketing strategy, marketing materials creation and design, and sales force coaching and training. He also was Director of Marketing for Price Waterhouse’s information technology consulting practice in the Mid-Atlantic and Mid-Atlantic Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Prudential’s managed care operations.

Early in his career, as a reporter for The Wall Street Journal, Greg covered the economy from the paper’s Washington Bureau and the auto industry from Detroit. Later, he created and marketed several innovative programs for the poor of Maryland, including the state’s largest soup kitchen (which hosted the Pope on his visit to Baltimore).

A magna cum laude graduate of Princeton University, he was Editor-in-Chief of The Daily Princetonian; he also holds a Masters in Public Policy from Harvard University. He has completed the Securities Industry Institute at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

Greg Conderacci
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